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Donated food items

Our Mission

Doorways is a faith-based charity that provides food support to Seekonk residents who are facing challenging times in their lives. In addition to providing food support, the volunteers of Doorways offer a warm smile and friendly conversation while assisting those we serve with their weekly shopping. Many of the neighbors we serve from our community are seniors who struggle to survive on a fixed income. Others may be disabled or have suffered catastrophic illnesses; and some have young families trying to survive a job loss. Regardless of their circumstances, they have a friend at Doorways.

About Doorways

Since our inception in November 2001, we have grown from serving 7 to 70 families in need each week. Our neighbors have access to groceries each Saturday during the hours of 8-10am. With the generous support from our community partners and donors, we have provided over 1.7 million pounds of food to families needing our support. At Doorways, it’s more than just providing groceries. It is a social experience for our volunteers and our community who turn to us at a time of need.


In 2001 a few Seekonk residents were looking to put their faith into action. They approached Seekonk Town leaders inquiring as to what they thought the greatest need in our community was. They were advised that the two greatest needs were food and housing. Armed with this information, Doorways was born. The first week that Doorways opened two neighbors came to Doorways and Doorways has been growing ever since. We have grown to the point that we are now meeting the food instability needs of over 70 families per week.

Our Board of Directors

Doug Hayward, Chairman

David Francis, President/Treasurer

Wendy Ashcroft

Emily Fasteson

Diane Fox

Frank Gallishaw

Polly Hayward

Larry Hindle

Paul Hodge

Gerry McCabe

Suzie Miller

David Mullen

We wish to acknowledge and remember Gary Cartwright as a valued board member. Gary fully embodied our mission of being a servant to the community.

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