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Mom and daughter eating an apple
Our Impact

Here are some of the testimonials the neighbors we serve at the pantry wished to share with donors to express their gratitude and to showcase the impact of your support and donations.

"Blessings to all of the donors of the food pantry. Without your generous help, my family would have truly struggled over these last years. Know your donations are heaven sent from your hearts."

"Doorways has been a life saver. My family and I are in a motel for 2.5 years. 90% of our money pays for that. Without Doorways I would not be able to feed my family. This pantry helps so much. The food each week that I get helps keep us fed. The people are so nice and make sure I have enough. I am forever grateful for them.”

"Doorways has been a blessing to me! When I am in need, they are here to help me. The volunteers are very friendly and helpful.”

"Doorways has not only supported our community with meats, fresh veggies and most staples, they have made us feel like the day is sunny on Saturday mornings. Much gratitude."


"Doorways has helped me and my family a lot. I appreciate their big help with food. Thank you very much Doorways and thank you for all the people working here. They are very nice."


"Doorways has been there for me and my family in the darkest moments. When my wife passed away, I was left with only Doorways for help. Still trying to find help with my rent. I have ESRD and can no longer work. Doorways keeps me alive! You guys helped me more than the government. Thank you all!"


"First of all, I should express a big thanks to all who are doing Doorways! Being on disability, it’s just such a blessing and sometimes so vital and important to have food on your table and peace of mind."


"Doorways has helped my family quite a bit. Without Doorways, we couldn’t survive. There are no words to describe how wonderful all the volunteers are. They are always helpful and respectful of all of us. I really believe that it is something for all of us to have Doorways available for us. Thank you very much for all your help and understanding."


"I have to go to the market less for canned goods. It saves us money, especially when meats and produce is made availability. Also, I love the toiletries made available."

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